What are the top rated dessert recipes?

What are the top rated dessert recipes?

What are the top rated dessert recipes?

In the broadest sense of the word, dessert is a sweet dish that is served at the end of a meal. Therefore, desserts include most different sweets. But in a narrow sense, these are sweets that are difficult to accurately attribute to their most famous groups. Although all this is very conditional read dessert recipes. Look at photos of desserts. After all, the main thing is that the dessert is tasty. And what we call it: a cake. A cake or a dessert – this is no longer so important. What are the top rated dessert recipes?

The Bounty roll is a very easy-to-prepare. No-bake roll that tastes like the bar of the same name. I recommend trying it.

Classic cheesecake recipe in the oven. Can be used as a basis for preparing varieties of this delicacy.

Chocolate fondant is a rich chocolate cake with a liquid center reminiscent of melted chocolate. It’s not for nothing that this French cake is also called “chocolate lava”. With this recipe you will get the perfect fondant, even the first time.

Chocolate and sour cream mousse

Chocolate and sour cream mousse
Chocolate and sour cream mousse

Today I want to share a recipe for a very simple and quick to prepare, but tasty, tender. Melt-in-your-mouth dessert. Chocolate and sour cream mousse turns out weightless and airy, like a cloud. A dessert made from whipped sour cream with gelatin, moderately sweet. With a chocolate and creamy taste. If you want something light, not cloying. You will definitely like this mousse. Join now! What are the top rated dessert recipes?

A very simple and delicious sour cream cake, from the quick batch series

I’m in love with this Bounty cake. This recipe makes a tender, soft and fragrant coconut delicacy. The coconut filling holds its shape well and is moderately sweet. If you love Bounty candies, I highly recommend making this delicacy. Can be made in the form of a round cake.

An unusual, simple and quick-to-prepare delicacy for coffee connoisseurs. A delicate cream mousse made from instant coffee. Whipped with milk, water and sugar to a weightless, airy foam. Now you can not only drink coffee with milk. But also serve it as an invigorating and refreshing dessert. The cream is rich in taste, sweet. With a characteristic bitterness inherent in strong coffee. You only need four ingredients. Mixer and about 15 minutes of your cooking time.

A very simple recipe for truffle chocolates with just two ingredients.

The perfect chocolate cupcake recipe in a cup. Very tasty, soft cupcake. With an amazing velvety texture and rich chocolate aroma. You will get all this by spending just 10 minutes. Because this chocolate cake is prepared in the microwave!

Muffins with a bright, rich chocolate flavor are a delicious. And at the same time easy-to-prepare dessert pastry. That can be baked in every kitchen. If you serve the muffins immediately after baking, the center will be runny. The recipe contains very little flour and butter. So you can treat yourself to this incredibly tasty. And appetizing delicacy more often.

Do you need to prepare something for a sweet table, but don’t have enough time for a cake? Dessert with shortbread crumbs and custard is perfect for such occasions. Sand crumbs and custard are laid out in layers into glasses. This makes an original and delicious portioned dessert.

A recipe especially for hot summers. My favorite homemade ice cream recipe. Simple, no heavy cream. No frozen bananas, just milk! Homemade popsicle on a stick!

Very tender, melt-in-your-mouth and fragrant lemon cakes. An exquisite dessert made from simple and affordable products. The ingredients are almost always available at home. The cooking process is simple and straightforward. And the result exceeds all expectations – during the baking process. The dessert is divided into three layers. An airy sponge cake, lemon cream and delicate pudding.

We use the simplest products, but the biscuit roll turns out very tasty. Delicate sweet biscuit dough and aromatic cherry filling with sourness are an excellent combination.

Mochi is a type of Japanese rice dough. Sweets called mochi are made from it. Including daifuku – cakes in the form of balls with filling. This recipe is adapted for making the Japanese mochi dessert at home. My mochi filling is strawberries and mascarpone cream. With white chocolate. Mochi can be cooked in the microwave.

Pancakes filled with chocolate and nut butter. beloved by absolutely all children. Can be prepared instead of the usual pancakes or pancakes. They turn out tender, airy and very tasty

Cream dessert with chocolate glaze (no baking)

Cream dessert with chocolate glaze (no baking)
Cream dessert with chocolate glaze (no baking)

An amazingly simple dessert made from milk, sugar, flour and a small amount of chocolate. Nothing needs to be baked in the oven or frozen. And there is no need to add gelatin. But the result is an original, delicate, tasty and economical chocolate dessert. What are the top rated dessert recipes?

Tiramisu is a delicious, tender, airy dessert.

Cake without an oven? Easily! Sour cream cake with shortbread crumbs. Is prepared without baking and has an interesting texture. A delicate sour cream layer interspersed with walnuts and chocolate pieces. It goes perfectly with crispy shortcrust pastry crumbs cooked in a frying pan.

An unusual pastry made from whipped egg whites, sugar and starch – airy “cloud bread”. The delicacy received such an original name due to. The exceptionally light and porous structure of the “crumb”. This delicate “cloud” tastes like a cross between marshmallow and cotton candy. Definitely worth a try!

Ruddy dough balls made with condensed milk are. A great option for a tasty treat for tea or coffee! These donuts are made quickly and fried even faster. The only thing is that these donuts must be in mini format. So that the dough has time to fry inside. Be sure to try it!

A miracle dessert made from the simplest ingredients. Like in a restaurant! Cream caramel, or flan. The most delicate vanilla cream and aromatic caramel sauce. The dessert simply melts in your mouth. And preparing cream caramel is very simple and quick. This dessert is perfect for a festive table, including New Year’s

Cake Pops are balls of biscuit dough covered in chocolate on a stick. I suggest you make bright red cake pops in white chocolate – small Red Velvet cakes.

Craving something sweet? Biscuit always comes to my rescue. Cheap, tasty and everyone likes it.

Homemade eclairs with custard. You certainly can’t buy these in a store!

A simple and familiar dessert from childhood. Sweet sausage is prepared from the simplest ingredients.

Delicious cookies without using an oven or butter. Sour cream cookies in a frying pan. Cookies with sour cream according to this recipe turn out to be very tender. Aromatic and a little reminiscent of cottage cheese pastries. And most importantly, these cookies are prepared very quickly. And simply and are practically no different from those baked in the oven. What are the top rated dessert recipes?

Let’s prepare a tender and sweet curd-banana dessert. Which is wonderful for both a light breakfast and a romantic dinner.

This popular American dessert is a real paradise for chocoholics! The Mississippi Mud pie got its unusual name due to the peculiar viscous consistency of the chocolate filling. It tastes incredibly rich. But at the same time quite light chocolate cake.

If you don’t have a waffle iron, then enjoying crispy rolls is not a problem. Delicious waffles can be cooked in a frying pan. Grease with boiled condensed milk and rolled into tubes. These waffles will be a wonderful dessert for all those with a sweet tooth.

Brownie is a thin crust with beautiful cracks on the outside. And a soft and delicate dessert with a rich chocolate taste on the inside. Pamper your loved ones by preparing this wonderful dessert. Easy and quick to prepare. What are the top rated dessert recipes?

A wonderful pie made from shortcrust pastry with. A delicate filling of sour cream and raspberries. Like all open pies of this kind – with sour cream filling . This raspberry pie will be especially tasty. If it spends the night in the refrigerator.

Chocolate pancake cake consists of delicious pancakes and delicate curd cream. Pancake cake is just a lifesaver for those. Who do not have the opportunity to bake cakes in the oven.

Beautiful and bright meringue cakes. And most importantly, it’s very easy to prepare.

Candies made from semolina with cocoa powder are a little reminiscent of the taste of many people’s favorite “Kartoshka” cake. Minimum ingredients, speed and ease of preparation. Interested? Then let’s get to work!

Cake “Zebra” without baking – delicious, tender and elegant. It’s ideal for those occasions when you want something tasty. But don’t really want to turn on the oven. This delicacy looks impressive and appetizing on the table

The most delicate coffee panna cotta is an ideal dessert for those who cannot imagine. A day of their life without an aromatic invigorating drink. Making Italian butter jelly using this recipe is very easy. Panna cotta has a silky texture, like creamy jelly. With an amazing coffee taste and aroma.

Coffee panna cotta
Coffee panna cotta

“Smart” cake is an unusual and not quite familiar dessert. This is the perfect sweet pastry option for busy housewives. With a minimum set of available products. The batter is magically transformed into a real cake. Ideally, it consists of three layers. On top – an airy sponge cake, in the middle – a delicate custard. And below – a jelly casserole.

Blancmange made from cottage cheese. With pineapples is a delicious, delicate dessert. Instead of pineapples, you can use any canned or fresh fruit.

I think everyone, or more people, love these candies. I offer you my own version. Homemade Raffaello sweets made from corn sticks, condensed milk, coconut flakes and peanuts

Many people love glazed cheese curds, which are sold in the store. However, they contain many unhealthy ingredients. Delicious chocolate-covered curd cheeses can be prepared at home using proven products. It will turn out no less tasty!

If you have prepared pancakes or a cake, but there is nothing for cream or sweet gravy, it’s not a problem. In just 15 minutes you can prepare homemade condensed milk. Both in taste and consistency very similar to store-bought.

The famous Georgian sweet, which is sold on every beach in the post-Soviet space, is churchkhela. You can prepare it at home. There by being confident in its natural composition and undoubted usefulness.

Very tasty, crispy brown brushwood made from dough made with milk and butter. It is quite simple to prepare and is perfect for home tea drinking. Flies away in minutes

My husband decided to please me with a delicacy from his childhood. I must say that homemade Nutella is quite tasty. I would also add nuts ground in a coffee grinder.

The basis of the roll is cookie crumbs combined with cocoa powder, sugar syrup and butter. In combination with coconut filling, it is not only tasty. But also very beautiful. Bounty roll is easy to prepare and requires no baking.

A light, aromatic dessert that will not leave anyone indifferent. What are the top rated dessert recipes?

The famous chocolate cake “Caprese” (Italian: torta caprese) is prepared absolutely without flour. According to legend, the Italian chef simply forgot to add it. When he was preparing a dessert for mafioso Al Capone on the island of Capri. But the result exceeded all expectations. Soft and tender on the inside. But crispy on the outside. This chocolate dessert will win the hearts of absolutely all chocolate fans.

Sweets made at home are much better than those from the store. Children can help with this interesting activity

Important note – this recipe is for those with a sweet tooth! Everyone knows the Twix chocolate bar. And this recipe is its homemade version. If you use real condensed milk, the cookies will be incredibly delicious

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