What is main ingredient of kheer?

What is main ingredient of kheer?

What is main ingredient of kheer?

The Pakistan version of a sweet pudding is what we refer to as Kheer. It is basically a milk-based dessert, which has other ingredients, sweetener and flavorings added to it. The most classic version of this dessert is the rich Rice Kheer, where you slow-cook rice grains, whole milk and sugar to perfection. Addition of saffron, nuts, cardamom, etc. is quite subjective when it comes to this typical Kheer Recipe. This particular creamy version is my family’s heirloom recipe which you will love for its deliciousness.  What is main ingredient of kheer?

What is Kheer

The make of the Indian sweet dish (dessert) Kheer usually consists of cereals, lentils or their flours. Sometimes even fruits and veggies. What is main ingredient of kheer?

What is Kheer
What is Kheer

It resembles a pudding, and traditionally made with milk, sugar and some dry fruits. The choice flavorings include certain spices like saffron, cardamom, nutmeg, etc. and others like rose water, kewra water, etc. You may use vanilla or other fancy ingredients to flavor some of the modern-day preparations.

Indian cuisine has many variations of a Kheer Recipe. So, you must be wondering what exactly is a Rice Kheer? It is basically the Indian variant of the rice pudding. The main ingredients in it are basmati rice, whole milk, sugar, ground spices and nuts.

Sometimes, regional versions like the Bengali Payesh use nolen gur (date palm jaggery) in place of sugar as a sweetener. This results in a kheer which is usually light brown or beige in color.

Along with Seviyan Kheer (vermicelli pudding) and Phirni (thick rice pudding), the Rice Kheer is also one of the most popular Kheer variations of North Indian cuisine in particular.

More On The Recipe

This Kheer Recipe is a special from my mother-in-law’s recipe book. Till today, she makes the lovely Rice Kheer for any religious or festive occasion. I’m glad I got a chance to learn the know-hows of making it from her.

Just like other Kheer varieties, Rice Kheer is also quite easy to make, by just slow-cooking the ingredients together in one pan or pot. The reason, I sometimes refer to this Kheer Recipe as the one-pot rice pudding.

You just have to keep an eye on it, while it is simmering and keep stirring at intervals. It really does not demand much cooking skills.

Kheer, known as payasam, is also crucial in South Indian cuisine. It is possible to make Rice Payasam or Paal Payasam as it is locally known, with either milk or coconut milk. The sweeteners can be sugar or jaggery.

Usually at home, we make this Rice Kheer in slightly larger quantity. But I have scaled down the recipe which will yield about 4 to 5 small servings of this decadent Kheer.

This super tasty Kheer recipe is a perfect fit for festive occasions like Diwali, etc. You can also serve it as a dessert after your lunch or dinner meals.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Rice Kheer

How to make Rice Kheer
How to make Rice Kheer

Below is the detailed step-by-step guide that will help you to make Kheer easily.


1. Rinse ¼ cup basmati rice a couple of times in fresh water and then soak in enough water for 15 to 20 minutes. What is main ingredient of kheer?

2. While the rice grains are soaking, take 1-litre full-fat milk in a heavy wide pan or saucepan or kadai

3. Keep the pan on low to medium-low heat. Stir at intervals so that the milk does not burn at the bottom of the pan.

4. Let the milk come to a boil.
5. Take 1 tablespoon milk from the pan in a small bowl. Let the milk become warm. Then, add a few saffron strands to the milk. Keep aside.

Cook Rice

6. After the milk begins to boil, drain all the water from the rice and add it to the boiling milk.
7. Mix very well with a spoon.
8. Simmer and cook the rice on low heat. No need to cover the pan when the rice is cooking.
9. Cook the rice grains till they are 50% done or half-done.
10. Then, add 5 to 6 tablespoons sugar or as required. You can add raw sugar or white sugar. I generally use unrefined raw sugar.
11. Mix the sugar in the milk.
12. Continue to cook rice on low to medium-low heat. Stir at intervals.
13. Simmer till the rice grains are almost cooked. What is main ingredient of kheer?
Flavor Rice Kheer
Flavor Rice Kheer
Flavor Rice Kheer

14. Then add ½ teaspoon green cardamom powder.

15. Add 1 tablespoon each of sliced almonds, chopped cashews and sliced pistachios. You can blanch the almonds, if you prefer or just slice them raw.

You can include various other nuts according to your preferences.

16. Mix well.

17. Then, add the prepared saffron milk.

18. Again mix and continue to cook on low heat till the Rice Kheer thickens and the rice grains have completely cooked.

19. Switch off the heat when the rice grains soften completely. The Kheer will also thicken. Scrape milk solids from the sides of the pan and add to the Kheer.

Make a note that on cooling, Rice Kheer thickens more.

20. Lastly, add 1 tablespoon golden raisins. At this step, you can add 1 tablespoon rose water or kewra water (pandanus water).

21. Pour the Rice Kheer in individual serving bowls, and serve hot, warm or chilled. Refrigerate leftover Rice Kheer and consume within 1 to 2 days. You can eat it cold, or reheat it until warm.

If the Kheer has become very thick, add a splash of milk and reheat.

Expert Tips

  • Rice: For an amazing aroma, preferably use basmati rice. In case you don’t have it at home, use any other fragrant rice, long-grained rice or regular rice variety.
  • Milk: Use full-fat milk or whole milk to get a creamy and rich consistency. Though you can make kheer with low-fat or toned milk too, but the consistency will be less creamy.
  • Sweeteners: You can use either raw sugar or white sugar as a sweetener. You can also use jaggery. But add jaggery only after Kheer is done. Once it is made, keep it on the kitchen counter for 4 to 5 minutes, till the heat reduces a bit. Then, add jaggery. If using brown sugar, also follow the same method as that for jaggery.
  • Almonds: You can blanch almonds in a microwave as well. Take almonds in a microwave safe bowl and cover with water. Microwave at HIGH for 2 to 3 minutes. You can even skip blanching of the almonds, if you wish.
  • Nuts: Adjust the quantity of dry fruits, nuts and sugar, as per your likings. You can also add 1 tablespoon rose water or kewra water (pandanus water) to the Rice Kheer.
  • Storage: Refrigerate leftover Kheer and consume within 1 to 2 days. Reheat till warm before serving or serve chilled. If it has turned very thick, add some milk and then reheat.

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