What is the main purpose of soup?

What is the main purpose of soup?

What is the main purpose of soup?

Soup is one of the foods consumed as liquid. It can be prepared using vegetables, meat and a wide variety of other ingredients. The ingredients added to the soup are boiled to ensure that their flavors and aromas are transferred to the soup. The consistency of soups can be thick or more watery. The process of ensuring that the grains in the soup integrate with the soup is called binding the soup. Starch can be used to bind soups made with vegetable puree. What is the main purpose of soup?

purpose of soup
purpose of soup

One of the methods of binding soup is soup marination . The prepared sauce is added to the soup. 5 basic methods used for soup seasoning:
1- Yoghurt dressing
2- Lemon dressing
3- Milk dressing
4- Garlic dressing with vinegar
5- Flour dressing

It is generally consumed hot, but there are also soups served cold. Popular soups in Turkish cuisine are: ezogelin soup , lentil soup , tarhana soup , barley noodle soup , ayran vaccine soup , tomato soup .

Origin of the Word Soup

The word soup in Turkish means a juicy, hot drink prepared with things such as meat, grains or vegetables. Its origin comes from the Persian word şorba. It has the same meaning in Persian and consists of the word meaning salty/mixed and the suffix meaning food. Turkish soup culture is very deep-rooted and Turkish cuisine soups are quite diverse. In the culture where soup has such an important place, many soup-related idioms have emerged, for example; The expression “something turns into soup” is also used in the sense of something becoming a mess. The expression “having salt in the soup” is also used in the sense of a person contributing to a task.

History of Soup

The first soup in history can be traced back to 20 thousand BC. In order to make soup, water-tight containers and the ability to boil water over a fire were needed. It became possible to boil water by making pottery vessels. The association of soups with good nutrition and health was recognized and they began to be used by healers.

Shops opened to sell soup in France were called restaurants and laid the foundations of today’s restaurants. Soups were served and consumed as a food that could relieve people’s fatigue and renew their physical energy.

Pakistani Soups in History

Pakistani Soups
Pakistani Soups

In the past, nomads in Central Asia made porridge-like dishes. Over time, the types of soup that are still consumed today were born. While in Central Asia, Turks would make a type of soup called oğmaç. Generally, round-cut noodles were used and sometimes dried meat was also added. Tarhana is a soup that Turks have made since ancient times and has survived to this day. What is the main purpose of soup? Soup is one of the foods consumed as liquid. It can be prepared using vegetables, meat and a wide variety of other ingredient.

The migration of Turks to Anatolia and their extension to Europe during the Ottoman period created interaction with many local and old cuisine cultures. For example, while there are no seafood soups in Turkish cuisine, dishes and soups using seafood in the Black Sea and Aegean regions are also included in Turkish cuisine.

The Place and Importance of Soup in Pakistan Cuisine

Soup is an economical and nutritious meal. For this reason, soup has been loved and abundantly consumed by all layers of Turkish society throughout history. For example, it is known that soup was served from the homes of the poorest people to the sultan’s tables during the Ottoman period. Ottoman cuisine was rich in soups. Not only in Ottoman times, soup has always been one of the main elements of Turkish cuisine and has been decisive in the food culture. Soups specific to Turkish cuisine have diversified and reached the present day.

In today’s Turkish cuisine, soup is available on every table, from breakfast to other main meals. Popular soups for babies, children or adults are always cooked. While soups serve as starters and appetizers in Western cuisine, they are also consumed as main courses in Turkish tables. It is not surprising that there are many different and rich soup types in a food culture where so many soups are consumed.

Soup Types in Pakistan Cuisine

If we look at the ingredients of traditional Turkish cuisine soups; We can classify them as grain and flour soups, legume soups, seafood soups, meat soups, chicken soups, yoghurt and milk soups, vegetable soups. Whatever ingredients are abundant in the region where the soup is made, those ingredients are added to the soups made. What is the main purpose of soup? Soup is one of the foods consumed as liquid. It can be prepared using vegetables, meat and a wide variety of other ingredient.

Types of soups according to the cooking technique; licorice soups, grain soups, soups in which the ingredients are crushed. Soups can also be made in which these three cooking techniques are used together.

Presentation and Service of Soups

Hot oil can also be poured over the soup. Sometimes dried bread pieces are also added to the soup. The soup is often consumed with spices such as mint, black pepper, chili peppers, etc. During the winter months, soups served hot are preferred. What is the main purpose of soup?

Service of Soups
Service of Soups

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